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Alessandro Fantin was born in Italy in 1983. He had a passion for the sea since he was a kid. When on vacation with his family he usually went snorkeling. He daydreamed about traveling to tropical destinations. In 2001 on his first trip to the Red Sea he fell in love with the marine ecosystem and the coral reef.


His passion for underwater photography though, developed in 2015 after his trip to the Maldives, where he got his first  Open Water license. From that moment on, thanks to some friends who he shares his passion for naturalistic photography with, his trips are always planned, so they can achieve their final goal, which is to photograph and document the sea wildlife especially in the south est asian area, a nest for biodiversity.


As of today, thanks to the Nauticam setting of his Canon R5 camera, Alessandro focuses more on macro photography utilizing a snoot technique (controlled lighting exposition), and wide angle photography to bring the beautiful underwater environments to the surface.


To Alessandro every picture is a mission, from planning the excursion to finding the subject, shoot it and post producing the final product. Bringing marine organisms on the surface through photos, is not just a memory from a trip, it becomes a way to spread the knowledge of what’s under the sea, which most people can’t afford to witness. Alessandro hopes that by doing this, he would push people to respect one of the biggest gift the Earth gave us, the Ocean.

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